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Our PDC spa has added a sense of relaxation and beauty, completing our outdoor space. No matter the season, our PDC spa is warm, wet, and wonderful! We talked about getting a spa for 15 years! Now we ask ourselves—why did we wait so long? Bali owner

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Share the true meaning and love of valentines all year long with a PDC spa!

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Synergy™ Series Swim Spas, Powerful and Relaxing

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Patent Pending Technology for Your Most Advanced Aquatic Fitness Experience

TSX15 TruSwim Swim Spa | PDC Spas

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Built with Quality in the USA

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PDC Spas offers a diverse line of hot tubs, swim spas and fitness spas with unparalleled quality and wellness benefits. Dedicated to manufacturing advanced hydrotherapy products, our products are designed to reduce stress and improve your health, ultimately delivering a better quality of life in the privacy of your home. Each hot tub, fitness spa and swim spa model is meticulously engineered combining comfort features and performance technology to provide a full range of immediate and long-term health benefits. PDC Spas offers a wide variety of sizes and features to ensure the best hot tub, swim spa and fitness spa for you and your home. Made in the USA from start to finish for over 60 years, PDC Spas is proud to be the most trusted name in the spa industry.