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I purchased a PDC Spas Fiji LX series hot tub in 2008, it was the best purchase that I have ever made. My husband and I sit in the hot tub every night and relax together. We often enjoy coffee together before we start our day. From purchase, to 6 years later; thank you PDC Spas! We would never go to another spa company.

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With a diverse line of hot tubs and swim spas of unparalleled quality, PDC Spas is dedicated to manufacturing advanced hydrotherapy products that change lives by improving health and reducing stress. Each model is meticulously engineered, utilizing patented comfort and performance technology, to provide a full ange of immediate and long-term health benefits. From our affordable SE Series hot tubs to our luxury LX Series hot tubs to the performance of our patent pending swim spas, PDC Spas products have been designed and built right here in the USA for over 58 years.