Add Calming Relaxation and Wellness to Your Lifestyle

Surrounded by the comforts of home, transform your backyard into a sanctuary of rest, relaxation, fitness and family fun. PDC Spas® features USA Made collections of sculpted body-hugging hot tub designs and industry leading patented swim and fitness spa models. Say goodbye to tension and stress and hello to a healthier you!

Hot tub models with up to 8 seats and 100 water massaging jets.

Swim and fitness spas for year-round exercise, wellness and relaxation.

Soothe, relax and heal naturally with warm hydrotherapy action.

Burn calories, tone, strengthen and relax. The benefits are endless!

Bring Comfort Home

“Our spa is the focal point of our outdoor living space all year long and we are always getting compliments. We are making great memories spending family time together with our kids and grandkids or just relaxing alone on a quiet evening. No matter what you want, there is a spa that will fit your needs and allow the massaging jets to take away your body’s aches and pains of the day away!”

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PDC Swim Spas Voted Best of the Year $2500 Off All Swim Spa Models

Voted Swim Spa of the Year, the PDC Spas® patented Truswim™ propulsion swim spa delivers a wide, balanced, powerful fitness lane with advanced technology and a 35 year warranty. The benefits of aquatic exercise rise to a higher level with American made ingenuity and unmatched performance. For a limited time, save $2500 off any swim or fitness spa model. Get your discount coupon here.

PDC Spas®, America’s Best Spas, Voted Swim Spa of the Year.

Made in the USA from start to finish for over 60 years, PDC Spas® is proud to be the most trusted name in the spa industry. Every hot tub and swim and fitness spa model is manufactured with the unparalleled quality and craftsmanship only American Made products can offer. Backed with a 35 year warranty, this diverse line of hot tubs, swim spas and fitness spas assure a full spectrum of wellness benefits. Featuring advanced hydrotherapy and patented fitness propulsion, the PDC Spas® collections are designed to reduce stress and improve your health, ultimately delivering a better quality of life while in the privacy and safety of your home. Each hot tub, fitness spa and swim spa model is meticulously engineered combining comfort features and performance technology to provide a full range of immediate and long-term health benefits. PDC Spas® offers a wide variety of sizes and features to ensure the best hot tub, swim spa and fitness ensuring your home is a sanctuary of relaxation and wellness.