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My husband and I were interested in a swim spa. We discovered PDC Spas through a news article in a local magazine. PDC Spas staff was very cordial on first contact with them. We were invited down to actually swim in a swim spa before purchase. The staff answered all of our questions and showed us every option available to us. We decided to go ahead and buy the FX17 Swim Spa. I had requested a special cover that would be easily removed by one person and again the PDC Spas staff was extremely helpful in finding and installing the cover I had requested. When delivery time came, I was a little nervous as we were in cramped quarters as to where the spa needed to be set. Words cannot even explain how professional and knowledgeable the PDC Spa delivery folks were. Everything went great and we were swimming in our spa swimming the next day. Not only was the staff very helpful, but the price was right too. I would recommend PDC Spas to anyone who is looking to buy a hot tub or swim spa. Good customer service is rare, but these folks have nailed it!

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Spa Side Controls

New for 2016

LX series 1000 control. State of the art control that offers a touch screen menu driven control. This control operates the audio and the in.clear sanitation system. The control operates similarly to the iphone or the ipad.

LX 1000 Controller Display for PDC Hot Tubs

You can rely on the PDC Spas digital control centers to operate your spa flawlessly with our advanced technology and easy to operate features. Customize your spa operation with programmed ideal temperatures, filter cycles and pump performance for a worry- free, easy to maintain hot tub.

LX 800 Series Control is standard on all LX Series spa models. An easy to read LCD screen, easily controls the spa temperature, pump operation, lighting features, clock settings, filter cycles, Air'assage™ and more. The backlit screen is a great feature for nighttime spa soaking.

SE 500 Series Control is standard on all SE Series spa models. This backlit hot tub control provides easy operation of temperature, pump cycles, filter cycles, clock settings and lighting features, all with the touch of a button. Sit back and enjoy.

River Series 300 Series Control comes standard on all River Series spa models. Backlit digital control programmable to operate all of the spa features and settings.

In.Touch WiFi Control Optional on all LX and SE Series spa models. In.Touch WiFi Control delivers Spa operation at your fingertips. Turn any feature on and off, adjust temperature, change filtration modes, set customized themes – all controlled from your smart phone, tablet through an app, anywhere there’s an internet connection. *Free local connection app. Worldwide connectivity requires modest cost app purchase.

All PDC Spas hot tub controls offer a dependable operation center for your hot tub in any weather condition . The LCD, waterproof control technology assures your hot tub stays cleaner, runs efficiently, requires minimal maintenance, with reliable, user-friendly operation. Freeze and over-heat protection, auto filtration cycles, system purge, auto shut-off and self-diagnostics are all included with each control.