Water Exercise

As we get older, and in many cases for younger adults, staying in shape comes at the mercy of sore knees, shoulders, elbows and just about every other type of joint structure.  Factor in the increased demands from those who work and run errands all day, and you end up with a perfect recipe for a fitness-free existence.  And we all know what that can do to us over time.  Weight gain, mood swings, poor sleep, and many others.  Busy lifestyles, however, are not the sole cause of lacking workout motivation.

For many, it's a matter of not wanting to subject their already sore joints to the impact or strain of running, biking, weight lifting and other common exercises.  As countless swim spa users have discovered, aquatic water fitness is an outstanding solution to this common challenge.  Let's examine:

One of the Most Effective Low Impact Workouts

With the exception of motivation and lifestyle demands, frequent and motion-inhibiting pain is one of the main reasons people choose not to exercise.  When you have a personal swim spa or large hot tub in the privacy of your home, everything changes.  Many discover that water provides that little extra spark of stability needed to get a good sweat going, including stretches, lunges, walking in place and many other pool exercises.

A Cardio Workout without the Sore Joints

Aquatic exercise offers a highly-effective workout, without the harsh, pounding impact of running and walking, nor the mobility and muscular demands of cycling and other sports.  Water by its very nature provides a natural level of resistance, requiring the body to use just enough strength and motion to stimulate both slow - and fast-twitch muscle fibers, while moreover increasing flexibility and active heart rate.  There are dozens of effective movements you can do, all without the worry of post-workout pain.  And when you're done, just kick back and relax!

Helps Tone and Tighten via Isometric Resistance

Every little movement we make as human beings requires calories for energy.  The problem with so many hard working professionals and parents, is that far too many days end with us feet-up on the sofa vegging to TV or browsing the web like zombies.  Adding a hot tub or swim spa to your life has a way of encouraging increased activity, as it gets you moving and bending and doing underwater isometrics (sometimes inadvertently) that burn calories.  It really is the perfect combination of relaxation and personal wellness.

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