From Physical Therapy to Cross Training, Let the Water Help

While exercising in water the water supports your weight taking the stress off of the lower half of your body, in neck deep water the exerciser is only supporting 10% of their body weight. Exercising in warm water offers buoyancy allowing joints and muscles to experience less stress, relieving the pain that would usually be felt after a workout. Pregnant women and seniors are especially encouraged to use aquatic therapy to ease arthritis, joint, muscle and back pain.

When exercising in water more muscles are utilized that in traditional exercises, for example underwater treadmill in usewhen walking or jogging your gluteus, hamstrings, quadriceps, and respiratory areas are all being worked out. Longer exercises are easier in water due to not over heating and lack of exhaustion. This is especially important for pregnant women and the over weight to not over stress their bodies. Water provides up to 12 to 14 times more muscle resistance than normal land exercises. Increased resistance equals more calories burned, stronger muscles, and increased effectiveness of the workout.

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