Synergy series pro jetting

Synergy™ Series Swim Spas,
Powerful and Relaxing


Powerful Jets in the Synergy Series Swim Spas 

Fitness at Its' Finest with Synergy Pro™ Jetting

Each Synergy™ Series swim spa is equipped with six powerful Synergy Pro™ jets. These stainless steel large faced, high output swim jets create a continuous flow of water ideal for a variety of aquatic exercises, therapy and fun family activities.

Swim, walk, jog or perform your favorite aquatic routine against the current for a low impact, high result workout that is energizing and effective. Increase or decrease the intensity of the jet’s water flow to change the resistance level for a gentle swim or more vigorous water exercising. Enjoy hours of fitness, fun and relaxation at home with the Synergy Pro™ Jetting.

Synergy RX6™ Body-Hugging, Standing Massage

Designed to support and relieve tension in core body muscles, the RX6™ standing massage column features six strategically placed therapeutic jets from your shoulders to hips. The standing position offers massage therapy much different than seating or lounging, perfect for tight after-workout muscles.

While standing, the RX6™ massage column delivers an invigorating massage to lower back, hip and abdominal muscles to naturally engage and strengthen key muscles groups. As you relax and enjoy a warm water massage, your body experiences the benefits of less muscle and joint pain, increased stability, improved posture and an overall feeling of wellness.

synergy series swim spa jets

woman enjoying standing massage columns in swim spa

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