Long before hot tubs and spas became a fashionable and desired part of many homes, PDC Spas was already on the cutting edge of that emerging business. For over 66 years, this remarkable company has been meeting the needs of homeowners and consumers in various forms and ways, cementing its position as a leader in the industry.

The journey of PDC Spas began in 1957 when David Livingston founded Plastic Development Company, operating as a "job shop." Located on Beauty's Run Road in Cogan Station, the company primarily manufactured sidewalls for in-ground swimming pools and jeep bodies using fiberglass and resins. Even in those early days, PDC Spas demonstrated a commitment to quality and innovation.

In 1982, David Livingston II took over the reins of the company and recognized the growing interest in the hot tub industry. Under his leadership, PDC Spas underwent a transformation, introducing three designs manufactured with a gelcoat finish and fiberglass support backing, similar to the production process for pool sidewalls. This strategic move allowed PDC to cater to the evolving needs of customers in major metropolitan regions around Williamsport.

However, just a year later, in 1983, tragedy struck when the facility burned to the ground, resulting in a complete loss. Despite the devastating setback, David and his wife, Lynda, were undeterred. They identified a new location on West Fourth Street in Williamsport and made the courageous decision to rebuild and start anew. They recognized the promising future of the hot water industry and were determined to overcome the challenges they faced.

The new location demanded significant renovations and a redesign to accommodate PDC's expertise in fiberglass manufacturing. Sixty years later, PDC Spas continues to manufacture its exceptional products at the same location. With the integration of robotics and custom-built thermoforming equipment, they are able to produce swim spas up to 19 feet in length. PDC Spas serves not only the local retail market but also wholesales and distributes its products worldwide to specialty retailers, meeting the demands of the growing internet marketplace.

PDC Spas has established itself as a leader in the swim spa industry, especially with its patent-pending propulsion technology. Designed to cater to athletes in training, fitness enthusiasts, and those seeking a better lifestyle, PDC's swim spas offer a unique solution. As the baby boomer population ages and consumers become more aware of the importance of wellness, the non-weight bearing water workouts provided by swim spas are becoming increasingly popular, particularly for individuals with arthritis or joint pain. Aquatic workouts in swim spas have been proven to burn calories faster than traditional land-based exercises. PDC Spas' swim spa collection includes models ranging from a space-saving 15 feet to a highly sought-after dual-zone 19-foot model, which features a 5-seat hot tub zone and a separate fitness zone. Families can enjoy year-round backyard enjoyment, use the swim spa to teach swimming to loved ones, and find a peaceful haven for much-needed relaxation.

In addition to the TruSwim swim spa series, PDC Spas offers two other series, Summit and Synergy, which also include swim spa jets to create a swimming current. With a total of 12 swim spa options, PDC Spas ensures that there is a suitable choice for every customer. Furthermore, they have a fitness spa series called the Vitality series, offering three different sizes, catering to those on a budget who still wish to enjoy the benefits of water workouts.

PDC Spas' commitment to excellence extends to their hot tub line-up as well, which comprises three series designed to meet every consumer demand. With a total of 16 unique body-hugging models available in a wide spectrum of colors and finishes, PDC Spas provides massaging hydrotherapy that soothes both the mind and body. The company's long-standing reputation for quality and craftsmanship is backed by an impressive 35-year warranty, giving buyers confidence in their investment.

Innovation remains a driving force for PDC Spas, as evidenced by the introduction of their patented TruSwim swim spa series in 2018. This series boasts a propulsion current that is unrivaled in the industry, offering the most natural swimming experience available.

As PDC Spas celebrates over 66 years in business, their journey exemplifies resilience, innovation, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. From their humble beginnings as a "job shop" to becoming a global leader in the industry, PDC Spas has consistently evolved to meet the changing needs of consumers. With their exceptional swim spas and hot tubs, backed by decades of expertise, PDC Spas is poised to continue shaping the industry for years to come.

Author: Chesnea Lynn