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I purchased a hot tub 8 years ago, it has been used almost every day by the entire family and it still runs like the first day that I set it up. The staff at PDC Spas is amazing and so is their product. Biscayne owner

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M. Leiphart North Bend, PA - Mar 15, 2018

We have had a really good experience with PDC Spas. We missed not having our other spa when we moved here. We use it mostly in the evening before going to bed, and can't say enough good about it. We are blessed that we have it and are able to use it enough to make it worthwhile having. My wife and I are very satisfied with our spa.

J. Higham Lewisburg, PA - Mar 13, 2018

We love the spa. The installers rocked and were really good with the instructions. They installed it on Saturday morning and by Saturday night, we were enjoying it during the snowfall! We’ve used it in the morning, afternoon, and night. We have learned that our most comfortable temp is 101 (and) the wireless package is great: we are currently in Sedona and have been monitoring it from here. My daughter loves it.


I wish I had the space to write the details of my experience with PDC Spas in Williamsport Pa.. I don't know if I've ever experienced a more helpful, patient, hardworking, no-pressure, friendly staff before. From the moment I entered their showroom, to the day the hot tub was ready to be used, they were on the ball and bent over backwards to make our "surprise" Christmas gift a success! Imagine a company working on Christmas eve, setting up a hot tub while you are at church, so you can pull off a huge surprise for your kids Christmas morning! That's exactly what they did!!! Thank-you so much for working with me to get the best hot tub for our family and going out of your way to pull off a Wonderful Christmas Surprise!!! We are thoroughly enjoying our new hot tub!

B. Pick Montgomery, PA - Feb 13, 2018

I view our hot tub as a method to connect with the family. The boys and I are in the hot tub almost every night and it is our best conversation of the night. Decompressing, tech free communication. It’s hard to put a price on the ability to spend 1/2 hour a night connecting with your kids, getting to know what’s on their mind.

Beth A. Raleigh, NC - Dec 7, 2017

What a nice surprise to come home to! You all continue to not only meet, but exceed my customer service expectations. I continually train my new sales reps to "surprise & delight" , I loved experiencing this on the receiving end!

Tim B New Columbia, PA - Dec 6, 2017

PDC Spas are the best spas I have ever seen. Their Spas are top-of-the-line fantastic sales, fantastic service. See them for yourself you definitely will be impressed.

Jane Rock Hall, MD - Nov 27, 2017

What a wonderful spa. Love the variety of jets, so comforting! The light feature is fantastic. It’s an Every day thing!!

D. Williams Deland, FL - Nov 24, 2017

Looked hard at many (15) companies and chose PDC for 2 reasons. One, their hot tub is second to none. High quality period. Secondly, customer service is fantastic. They are courteous, honest, and informative. After the sale and delivery, that does not change. Speaking of delivery, they bent over backwards and moved mountains to make delivery ahead of schedule so I could go on vacation as planned. ps. the hot tub is awesome.

K. Griffith Seward, PA - Nov 14, 2017

We are LOVING our swim spa. I am using it every day. My arthritis doctor said it is the best thing I could have done for my health. My joints are feeling better. My husband loves the jetted seat. I have had many friends over to enjoy the spa with us and they all would love to have one! This is the best investment I have made for my health.

D. Ostrom Liberty, PA - Aug 14, 2017

I am thoroughly enjoying the last few weeks in this hot tub. I am even taking less pain medicine due to the effect that it is having on my back and neck muscles. Great therapy!

Beth A. Raleigh, NC - May 11, 2017

What a nice surprise to come home to! Thank you not only for a timely reimbursement but that extra touch of the lovely PDC plush towels just put such a smile on my face. You all continue to not only meet, but exceed my customer service expectations. I continually train my new sales reps to "surprise & delight" our referral sources & patients. I loved experiencing this on the receiving end!

WENDY & BRAD B. OSCEOLA, PA - Sep 21, 2015

My husband and I were interested in a swim spa. We discovered PDC Spas through a news article in a local magazine. PDC Spas staff was very cordial on first contact with them. We were invited down to actually swim in a swim spa before purchase. The staff answered all of our questions and showed us every option available to us. We decided to go ahead and buy the FX17 Swim Spa. I had requested a special cover that would be easily removed by one person and again the PDC Spas staff was extremely helpful in finding and installing the cover I had requested. When delivery time came, I was a little nervous as we were in cramped quarters as to where the spa needed to be set. Words cannot even explain how professional and knowledgeable the PDC Spa delivery folks were. Everything went great and we were swimming in our spa swimming the next day. Not only was the staff very helpful, but the price was right too. I would recommend PDC Spas to anyone who is looking to buy a hot tub or swim spa. Good customer service is rare, but these folks have nailed it!

J.S. - Apr 23, 2015

Having owned our PDC spa for over 15 years, we know that a hot tub is not just a luxury item, it is something we need! Our achy joints and stiff muscles are relieved, not to mention how much better we sleep! We could not go a day without a soak. Cabo owner

R.R. - Feb 14, 2015

Imagine an experience that captures tranquility and total relaxation! I have owned a PDC spa for over 20 years and recommend the product all the time to my patients and friends. Bali Owner

M.K. West Linn, OR - Nov 20, 2014

We bought our PDC spa in 1985 and it is still running like a champ! This is by far the best-built hot tub on the market!

Tubs & Stuff Ashland, NY - Oct 23, 2014

Tubs & Stuff in Ashland, NY is a PROUD retailer of PDC Spas! FIVE STARS for PDC...from PDC Staff to PDC Product! Quality, Quality, Quality!!! America's Best!

Pool And Spa Supply - Oct 11, 2014

We are so happy to offer PDC Spas in our store!

E. Boughner - Aug 6, 2014

I just want to say thanks again for your help with the spa....I get a lot of use out of it. Please pass the word to your workers. They really give your company a good name by the support they offer and the character they have.

D. Gmelin - Jul 25, 2014

To whom it may concern, I wanted to write a letter(email) of thanks and recognize the outstanding customer service of your company. I own a very old model (114EP) of one of your spas and have had some trouble with some failing systems. I contacted your support department, and two individuals have spent a great deal of attention to my menial problems. Joe Heim and Travis Reed were extremely helpful and understanding. When I upgrade to a new spa in the future, I will undoubtedly buy from your company, as I know I'll receive great service. Thanks again.

H. O'Daniel - May 2, 2014

I have enjoyed your product very much and have recommended it to all my friends.

K.D. - Apr 17, 2014

Our PDC spa has added a sense of relaxation and beauty, completing our outdoor space. No matter the season, our PDC spa is warm, wet, and wonderful! We talked about getting a spa for 15 years! Now we ask ourselves—why did we wait so long? Bali owner

D.S. - Apr 4, 2014

I discovered I had arthritis in my back in 2004, went on medication until 2007 when I got my PDC spa. About 3 weeks after using my spa every night, I realized my back wasn't hurting and my doctor gave the OK to stop all treatment. This tub gets used every night! Reno owner

V.E. - Mar 13, 2014

I've owned three PDC spas in 25 years. Had to leave the first one with our first home in 2001, but the second one I gave away to a family that really needed it for health reasons. And so, to replace it, I was forced to return to PDC because they simply make an excellent product. Enough said. Bali owner

G. Beety - Nov 18, 2013

I am writing to acknowledge the fine service and assistance I have gotten from one of your employees. Travis Reed has been nothing short of great assisting me with various issues that have arisen with my PDC spa. We purchased our spa from Aqua Leisure in Rehobeth, DE in 2002. They since have gone out of business which in turn has created some concern regarding warranty and services issues. Approximately a year ago, I called PDC and asked to speak with someone in service and spoke with Travis. Since then I have had some minor problems which Travis has helped me with including sending me the necessary parts and instructing me on the steps necessary to correct/fix the problem myself. He has been a tremendous help. Although I would prefer to have a retailer in the area who could service my spa, having someone the caliber of Travis to call certainly is comforting. If your other employees are as professional and competent as Travis, I can see why your company is a leader in the spa industry. In conclusion, if you or Travis are ever in the Delmarva area, feel free to contact me for I would enjoy taking you to dinner to show my appreciation. Also, I would ask that you share this letter with Travis and place it in his personnel file.

L. Tkacs - Nov 18, 2013

I have owned my spa for many years, an it has given me excellent service. Over the years, there have been a couple of times that I needed help in order to keep my spa in good running condition. Joe worked with me both times, and always had patience, and professionalism when responding to my calls. He was able to diagnose my problems over the phone, and provided the parts needed to make the repairs. I had to make several calls in order to properly diagnose an electrical issue I was having, and Joe always took my calls, helped me step-by-step and I was able to get my spa running again in short order. As a person who runs a company, I understand the need for excellent customer service, and the damage that can come from poor customer relations. I thank you for your excellent services.

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