It's no secret that many individuals and families purchase hot tubs for the health benefits.  And whether we're talking about simply wanting to lose weight, improve muscle tone or have more energy during the day, the health benefits of pool exercise have been well documented in numerous studies over the past few decades.  Today it's universally-accepted that aquatic fitness is an effective and low-impact workout that gets results.

One of the lesser-known factoids is that aquatic fitness may also help you in improving your mood, memory and general outlook.  Let's review the ways in which water exercise can positively affect the way you live.

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Reduce the Mental Effects of Pain and Joint Stiffness

Dealing with pain and joint problems can be more than just debilitating; it can be depressing, as well.  Generally speaking, when we're in pain we are clearly limited in which activities we can partake in.  This can negatively impact our mood in ways we don’t always see.  Aquatic exercise can help increase mobility in a low-impact manner, to help alleviate stiffness, aches and pains.

Better Circulation for a Better Mood

The brain, like every organ in the human body, is at the mercy of nutrients needed to keep things running smooth.  When exercise habits decline over years, the body's circulation wanes as well, thus starving the brain of proteins, amino acids and countless other neurotransmitter-promoting compounds.  Pool fitness helps restore improved circulation, in addition to having more physical secondary effects.

The Slimmer You Will Be Smiling More

Exercising in the water is not your run-of-the-mill pool time.  It's a workout, albeit a low impact workout, but an incredibly effective workout nonetheless.  Over time, doing aquatic water fitness can serve as a fun way to shed some of those annoying excess pounds.  And as anyone who has ever lost significant weight will tell you, nothing makes you happier than seeing a fitter version of yourself in the mirror.

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