With gyms closed and social separation being a priority during these times many are wondering how to cope with the “new normal”. Trying to find a solution that works for you and the entire family at home may seem like a daunting task. We all know that exercise is important for your health, mental and physical, and wellness, so is having a spot to unwind and feel truly relaxed. A swim spa or a hot tub offers a great solution to a problem that we are now finding ourselves faced with.

Swim spas provide a space for exercising, from swimming to running to cross training there are a multitude of options available. Swim spas also offer hydrotherapy spots to unwind or gear up for your workout, or a place to just simply unwind. Unlike pools, swim spas provide a place for you to enjoy year-round in your own home. Not to worry there is plenty of fun for the whole family to have in a swim spa, teach kids how to swim, let them boogey board in the current and play games. For those that need to rehab injuries or have conditions such as arthritis swim spas are a great option to turn to, working out in water reduces the impact on joints and provides a space that allows you to workout in conditions that help you to feel better. There are a multitude of models offered on the market that range in size and options such as a dual zone model that offers both a swim spa and hot tub in one. Choose from propulsion or jetted generated currents, both are great for swimmers of any level. View swim spa models here.

Hot tubs, when we think of them the first thing that comes to mind is relaxation. Not only do hot tubs offer the relaxation that comes from warm water soaking they also provide hydrotherapy. Sitting in a seat where the jets target the areas that are holding your stress provides more than just mental relaxation, it will help your muscles to loosen up and release the knots that are causing pain. Studies have shown that soaking in warm water benefits you just as much as exercise, increasing your core temperature burns calories, decreases inflammation and benefits the immune system. Hot tubs also offer year-round use with easy installation and maintenance. View hot tub models here

Overall, the addition of a swim spa or a hot tub in your back yard offers a place for you to relax and exercise in the comfort and safety of your own home year-round.