Customer Reviews

D. Gmelin

To whom it may concern, I wanted to write a letter(email) of thanks and recognize the outstanding customer service of your company. I own a very old model (114EP) of one of your spas and have had some trouble with some failing systems. I contacted your support department, and two individuals have spent a great deal of attention to my menial problems. Joe Heim and Travis Reed were extremely helpful and understanding. When I upgrade to a new spa in the future, I will undoubtedly buy from your company, as I know I'll receive great service. Thanks again.

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Share the true meaning and love of valentines all year long with a PDC spa!

Set the mood! Light some candles, turn music on or simply enjoy peace and quiet under the stars from the comfort of your spa. Let the warm water and massage therapy ease you into relaxation and enhance your evening.

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Could Swimming Be the World's Best Exercise?

To learn more about swimming and how it can improve your health while bringing the family together, call PDC Spas at 800-451-1420

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How to Choose the Best Hot Tub Water Care Option for you

After researching and testing many methods of water care, we have found the most effective and simple means of sanitation is AquaFinesse™, a unique water purification treatment that also softens your spa water.

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What is the Best Temperature to Set Your Hot Tub?

So what temperature should hot tubs be set at in order to promote the most enjoyable and therapeutic experience? Let's review the basics on hot tub water temperature settings.

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The Benefits of a Hot Tub Captain's Chair

PDC Spas is the best-selling line of hot tubs in the east coast for many reasons, and we look forward to sharing them with you.

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Aromatherapy for Hot Tubs and Spas

The next time you get in the hot tub add some scents to the water, jump in, turn on the jets and soak all of your worries away. Read more about Aromatherapy here.

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Some Benefits of a Swim Spa

Don’t be fooled into thinking that FX Series swim spas are only for serious athletes. Step into the warm, massaging waters and escape as the day's tension and stress melts away.

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How Swimming and Aquatic Exercise Helps Arthritis

Warm water massage in a hot tub, portable spa or swim spa in known to naturally provide relief to common arthritis symptoms.

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How Swimming and Aquatic Exercise May Improve Your Mood

Natural mood enhancement results from warm water massage and relaxation in a hot tub or swim spa.

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Aquatic Pool Exercise is Easy on Joints and Muscles

Want to learn more about the health benefits of owning a hot tub? Helps Tone and Tighten via Isometric Resistance and is One of the Most Effective Low Impact Workouts.

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America's Best Hot Tubs and Spas

With a diverse line of hot tubs and swim spas of unparalleled quality, PDC Spas is dedicated to manufacturing advanced hydrotherapy products that change lives by improving health and reducing stress. Each model is meticulously engineered, utilizing patented comfort and performance technology, to provide a full ange of immediate and long-term health benefits. From our affordable SE Series hot tubs to our luxury LX Series hot tubs to the performance of our patent pending swim spas, PDC Spas products have been designed and built right here in the USA for over 58 years.