PDC Spas has emerged as Top Ten Reviews' top pick for swim spas, earning the prestigious title of Swim Spas of the Year 2022. This renowned company offers a diverse range of stylish and powerful swim spas, as well as accessories, making them a standout choice in the market. Additionally, their commitment to exceptional customer service sets them apart, with a responsive and attentive team.

Pros of PDC Spas:

  • Customizable options: PDC Spas provides a wide range of customizable features, allowing you to tailor your swim spa according to your preferences.
  • Spas suitable for a range of mobility needs: PDC Spas offers swim spas that cater to various mobility requirements, ensuring accessibility and comfort for all users.
  • Economical and energy-efficient: PDC Spas prioritizes energy efficiency, helping you save on operational costs while enjoying a delightful swim spa experience.

Cons of PDC Spas:

  • Not easy to obtain a quote: While PDC Spas does not provide upfront pricing on their website, you can request a quote by filling out a form. Although this process may seem lengthy, it aligns with their personalized approach to customer service.

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PDC Spas: A Closer Look PDC Spas, also known as Plastic Development Co. of PA, Inc, offers an impressive lineup of 16 meticulously crafted hot tubs that can be enjoyed year-round. These hot tubs are evenly distributed among three collections: Luxury Series, Premium Series, and Lifestyle Series.

One significant aspect that sets PDC Spas apart is their commitment to American-made products. Every aspect of the manufacturing process takes place in Pennsylvania, showcasing their dedication to quality and local production. This commitment to craftsmanship, though reflected in the price, ensures that when you invest in a PDC Spas hot tub, you receive a well-built product and exceptional customer support.

PDC Spas organizes their hot tub models into three collections, each with its unique features and pricing structure. The Luxury Series represents the higher-end models, featuring luxurious amenities like contoured seats, smart digital controls, and massaging jets. The Premium Series offers a balance of features and affordability, while the Lifestyle Series caters to those seeking budget-friendly options without compromising on quality.

PDC Spas: Swim Spa Series Options

 Extensive Swim Spa Selection With 19 different base models to choose from, PDC Spas boasts the largest swim spa selection among the websites we evaluated. They offer four distinct lines: Summit, Vitality, Synergy, and TruSwim.

The Vitality spas are designed with a focus on fitness and affordability, using jets to create a swim current and offering adjustable resistance for various exercises. The Synergy line takes it up a notch with jet propulsion and offers a vast number of therapy jets. Meanwhile, the Summit line stands as the premium option, featuring the largest spa available from PDC Spas.

PDC Spas Review:

Unmatched Customization and Quality Regardless of the series you choose—TruSwim, Synergy, or Vitality—PDC Spas provides an array of features to consider. Each spa's therapeutic jet system can be customized to provide either soft or firm massages, while the Ultra Massage Selector allows for adjustments in water flow. With swim spas ranging from 1,792 to 2,700 gallons, PDC Spas offers sizes suitable for most users.

PDC Spas: Prices and Value

Pricing and Value Determining the exact cost of a PDC Spas hot tub can be challenging as the prices are not listed upfront on their website. However, you can request a personalized quote by filling out a form, which aligns with their commitment to exceptional customer service. The prices vary depending on the level of customization and additional features you choose.

While PDC Spas may not offer an extensive range of entry-level hot tubs, their fairly even spread across different price ranges makes them an excellent starting point for exploring options within your budget.

Should You Buy from PDC Spas? With a well-established reputation for producing high-quality swim spas, PDC Spas is undoubtedly a reliable brand for your home hot tub needs. Their American-made products, accompanied by extensive warranties, ensure peace of mind in terms of quality and durability. The customizable features further enhance the appeal for those seeking a personalized touch in their hot tub experience.

If you're undecided or have flexibility in your budget, PDC Spas' diverse collection of models across different price ranges makes them an ideal choice. As Vice President Lynda Livingston explains, "Hot tubs are offered in three Series, each one specifically designed to meet the needs from the discriminating buyer to the price-conscious consumer."


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