Take time out of your busy schedule to focus on your health and happiness. Find out how exercising in the water can be an easy solution while taking a minimal amount of your time. Swim spas can offer maximum benefits to those who have a variety of ailments and needs.



The first article is about the top ten health benefits of water aerobics. The topics discussed were: increased muscle strength and flexibility, build endurance, low impact, alleviates joint pressure, stress and anxiety relief, burns calories, reduce blood pressure, cooling exercise and popular activity. This article discusses these benefits in great detail, this is a great article if you would like to know exactly how water activity directly impacts your overall general health and well-being.  Written by Health Fitness Revolution and Samir Becic, the article can be found here: bit.ly/water-aerobics-health-benefits



The second article titled why swimming is good for you discusses the health benefits of swimming. Topics discussed range from heart health, blood pressure, breathing, low impact, and water resistance training. Information about hypertension, working out while over-weight, and osteoarthritis are all offered in this article that are very important to read for those who may be suffering.   This article is very informative for those who want to learn how the benefits of working out in water can help to improve their health. The article was written by Markham Heid and can be found here: bit.ly/Swimming-Health




  Swim Spas are a great way to improve your health and wellness year-round. 



·       Heart Health: improves your heart health with cardiovascular exercise and decreases arterial stiffness.

·       Low Impact: Water Aerobics is easy on the joints making it a perfect way for elderly and overweight to improve their health and fitness.

·       Fun and Fit: Swimming and water workouts can benefit your mood, endurance and overall happiness, as well as maximize your workout more efficiently.  



 Swimming has many great benefits including but not limited to working out, improving your mood and generally well-being. Swim spas are a great way to achieve this; they are available year-round in your own backyard with and take up a small footprint.