Running in water has many benefits over traditional running. Not only does training in a swim spa offer increased tension but it reduces the amount of stress on the joints. Keep your muscles strong and ready, workout year-round, and vary your everyday workout to something more fun.

Runners world stresses the importance of running in water to rehab any existing injuries, it is non-weight bearing meaning that you can increase your mileage with less risk of injury. You can vary your workouts in water just as you can on land-based training, vary your intensity or time, increase your speed, and your resistance; you may find your land times decrease after training in water. Access the full Runners World article written by Coach Jenny here’s article on aqua jogging stresses that running in water will increase your heart rate, create more resistance and requires less recovery time. Water based training is a great place for speed workouts, water workouts should be measured by time not distance. It is recommended that one or two of your weekly runs should be done in water. Read more about the benefits of aqua jogging by Elizabeth Kelsey here

3 things to remember about training in a swim spa:

Rehabbing: training in water when injured and recovering has benefits. Water based running is non-weight bearing and offers the benefit of hydromassage.

Resistance:  water offers naturally increased resistance, increase the resistance even more when the fitness jets are turned on and run against the current. Increased resistance is great to decrease your times when you run on land.

Intensity: enjoy a shorter workout with the same results as a longer land-based workout.

Swimming has many great benefits including but not limited to working out, improving your mood and generally well-being. Swim spas are a great way to achieve this; they are available year-round in your own backyard with and take up a small footprint.