close-up of stainless steel hot tub jets

Hot Tub Hydrotherapy from Head to Toe 

Hydrotherapy Excellence

Relaxing in a PDC Spas® hot tub is the ultimate in effective, natural relief for your entire body and mind. Thousands of air bubbles combine with warm water to caress the body parts that suffer the brunt of the day. Specifically selected Reflections™ hot tub jets, trimmed in brilliant stainless steel, are positioned at strategic body points offering healing therapy to shoulders, neck, back, legs; right down to the feet!

Captains chair in hot tub with jets

Power and Jets in Balance

At PDC Spas® it's the performance that matters. If the jet pump power is not balanced with the jet count you can have too many jets and not enough pressure to deliver that effective relief you need. We match the balance in each and every PDC spa model. Whether there are a few jets in just the right positions or over 100, the performance is relaxing, healing and something you will look forward to each day. Learn more about jet count here.

How Many Pumps are Enough?

Contrary to common marketing claims, the key to a satisfying hydrotherapy experience isn't necessarily the quantity of pumps, but rather the total horsepower. Understanding the distinction between Break HP and Continuous HP is crucial for gauging performance accurately. At PDC Spas, we believe in transparency, clearly listing both ratings on our spa specifications for easy customer reference. Dive deeper into the intricacies of pump ratings, pump count, and jet power by exploring our comprehensive guide on horsepower, explore more here.


Adjustable & Interchangeable Jets

Powerful hydrotherapy jets are adjustable and interchangeable customizing your spa experience to best suit you, and without ever having to leave the spa.

close up of a person adjusting underwater hot tub jet

Full Body Soothing Massage

The Luxury Series hot tub models feature a PDC exclusive, Air’assage™ Therapy system for a soft full body massage you won’t find in other brands. For more info on this unique feature, click here.

underwater hot tub jetted seat

Neck & Shoulder Relief

Lie back and relax. Rest on the soft air-filled pillow and soothe away neck and shoulder tension with our line-up of adjustable, powerful jets easily aimed at the exact point where comfort is needed.

neck upper back hot tub jets

Discover Pure Relaxation with PDC Spas® Hot Tubs 

Immerse yourself in luxury and hydrotherapy bliss.


At PDC Spas®, our hot tubs are designed to be your sanctuary of tranquility and well-being, offering a choice of 16 distinctive models, each delivering full-body hydrotherapy. Crafted with precision in the USA, our hot tubs alleviate stress, ease muscle tension, and promote overall wellness, making them perfect for year-round use. With an industry-leading warranty, your investment in relaxation is protected for decades to come. Elevate your lifestyle and transform your home into a haven of luxury and hydrotherapy bliss with a PDC hot tub.