Of the many features that make PDC Spas' hot tubs among the most popular and well-reviewed by consumers and retailers, it's the innovative design of our captain's chair that continues to be a favorite.  What most people don’t see, however, is the extensive amount of research that has gone into its design.  Every aspect of this unique feature has been taken into consideration, in order to provide the most relaxing and therapeutic experience possible.

Let's explore just a few of the attributes which make our captain's chair so popular among today's most discerning hot users.

Head-to-Toe Targeted Hydrotherapy

Looking closely at one of PDC Spas' captain's chairs, the first thing you'll notice is the strategic positioning of target hydrotherapy and air jets.  Take our Bali LX, for example:  The captain's chair in this spa utilizes 24 dedicated jets, including 14 high-power hydrotherapy jets and 10 air jets in the leg position.  This is in no way random, and has been done to address each of the body's major muscle groups and circulatory paths from head to toe.

In doing so, the simple act of relaxing has the ability to simultaneously stimulate blood flow while soothing sore muscles and creating a serene, tranquil environment.

Recline for Increased Relaxation

Traditional hot tub lounge seats are ideal for some users, and in fact several PDC Spas feature them as part of the seating arrangement.  Some users, though, prefer the design and comfort of a captain's chair.  It can be far more contouring for users of certain body sizes, allowing them to relax and unwind without having to hold themselves in place.

By hugging the body in a more secure and natural manner, captain's chairs allow many spa users to spend less time balancing their body weight, and more time in the reclined position enjoying their hot tub.

More Spacious Seating Arrangement

PDC Spas' captain chairs unite the total relaxation of a lounger, with the added benefit of improving the hut tub's overall seating capacity.  Whereas a lounge chair will traditionally span the entire length of a spa, our captain's chair design offers a uniquely comfortable way to relax and stretch out… all without consuming space that would be best suited for other guests.  Factor in the power and innovation of our hydrotherapy jets and the many other features we offer, and you end up with a hot tub spa that's perfect for one person or your entire group.

Experience a PDC Hot Tub Spa for Yourself!

For more information on what puts our line of luxury and high-performance hot tubs in a class of their own, we invite you to call or write to learn more.  PDC Spas is the best-selling line of hot tubs in the east coast for many reasons, and we look forward to sharing them with you.