How to Clean PermaWood:

PDC Spas hot tub and swim spa PermaWood cabinets are low maintenance and easy to keep looking nice for the life of your product. To clean your cabinet use hot soapy water, or any water-based cleaner (409, Windex, Pledge, etc.). To clean with hot soapy water, rinse the cabinet off first and apply the cleaner with a rag or soft sponge and scrub any spots that are particular dirty, and rinse with water. If using a water-based cleaner use a rag or paper towels, apply the cleaner directly to the PermaWood and wipe off. Avoid using any harsh cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals or solvent, clean a small area to be sure the cleaning product being used is safe. The cabinets can be pressure washed if necessary. 

Damage Repair:

To repair minor scuffs and scratches the use of steel wool is recommended to blend the scuff or scratch with the surrounding area. After blending use furniture polish to clean and wax to match the surrounding luster.

For deep scratches use a single edged razor blade to skive the high edges of the scratch and bring level with the surrounding area, this may take a few passes. After the raised edges are removed use steel wool to blend the area and apply wax to match the luster with the surrounding area. 

To remove dents and large gouges mix the "sawdust" from the same color PermaWood and lacquer thinner to make a compound to make a thick paste, start with small amount of lacquer and please wear PPE (personal protective equipment). Once the paste is made, fill the gouge with the paste, smoothing the surface while patching as best as possible. When the patched paste is dry use a razor blade to skive off any high uneven spots, then buff with steel wool and polish to blend the color and luster with the surrounding area to complete the repair.