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Dive into relaxation with our exquisite selection of PDC Spas hot tubs and swim spas. Our dedicated team of experienced retailers is eager to guide you through the journey of creating your perfect backyard retreat. Immerse yourself in the countless benefits of hydrotherapy and aquatic exercise, enhancing not just your well-being but your entire family's. Start your blissful escape today!

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PDC Spas Hot Tubs

At PDC Spas, we take pride in offering a luxurious selection of American-made hot tubs, each designed with strategic jet placement for optimal comfort. Our range includes 16 diverse models, ensuring that we have the perfect option to fit every budget and meet all of your relaxation needs, solidifying our status as a trusted leader in the industry.

Luxury Series Hot Tubs

The ultimate hot tub experience with enriched performance and exclusive features. Choose from five body cradling designs with Air’assage™ air therapy, EverPure™ ozone, Halo LED lighting™ and a trio of cascading water-spouts, backed with a 35 year warranty.

Bali  Seven seats for you and your friends to hang out and learn the art of relaxation, each designed with contours to cradle your every curve.

Biscayne  Step into this 5 person hot tub and feel worlds away in the comfort of your own backyard.

Fiji  Enjoy six seats and 115 spa jets that soothe tense muscles and free the spirit for laughs and fun conversation.

Malibu  5 person hot tub designed to cradle all figures comfortably, the uniquely sloped lounge and four body hugging seats let you unwind in style.

Reno  Lie back and relax in any of the 6 seats, let the warm water surround your tense body, clear your mind and enjoy the solitude.


Premium Series Hot Tubs

Six exceptionally comfortable hot tub designs with maximum water action, dependable operation and high style. PowerFlo™ filtration, TemperLok™ insulation, Prism™ lighting and 25 year warranty.

Barbados  This spacious model features seven wide open seats with 62 therapy jets and a private recliner style corner seat.

Carmel  This 3 person model offers a reversible lounge, two contoured extra deep bucket seats delivering soothing lower back therapy.

Catalina  Relax in high style as armrests and 54 targeted therapy jets ease muscle tension and stress, featuring 5 seats.

Denali  Ample space with seven seats and 61 jets, each seat offers a variation of hydrotherapy jetting for total body rejuvenation.

Freeport  6 seats that wrap your body with superb hydrotherapy action as 61 therapy jets release stress and melt tension from neck to toe.

Monterey  The embodiment of style and serenity, this handcrafted haven has four contoured seats with armrests and a sculpted lounge.


LifeStyle Series Hot Tubs

Five body-hugging hot tub models that are large on features and small on price. Reliable craftsmanship backed with a 10 year warranty, TemperLok™ insulation, Pristine™ filtration, and shiny stainless Reflections™ jets positioned for full body relaxation.

Mirage  2 seats, 1 lounge, and 29 powerful hydrotherapy jets, the Mirage hot tub is a compact spa that’s big on comfort and performance.

Mystic  The perfect combination of ample seating and powerful hydrotherapy, the Mystic features 5 seats, 1 lounge and 53 stainless jets.

Seasons  Enjoy 5 seats and the power of 43 targeted hydrotherapy jets, 4 seats and 1 lounge, all from the convenience of home.

Summit  Featuring 42 powerful hydrotherapy jets, 6 seats and 1 wide corner seat this model is perfect for the whole family.

Twilight  4 seats, 1 lounge, and 27 powerful hydrotherapy jets, the Twilight hot tub is perfect for families and homes of virtually any size.




PDC Spas Swim and Fitness Spas 

At PDC Spas, our swim and fitness spas are crafted in the USA using patented technology to provide the smoothest current available. Our extensive lineup features 19 models, ranging in size from 15' to 19', including versatile dual zone options, to meet a wide array of fitness and relaxation needs. 

TruSwim® Propulsion Swim Spas

The TruSwim® series by PDC Spas revolutionizes aquatic fitness with its patented technology, offering an expansive, smooth, and consistently even current for an authentic swimming experience. This series' distinct dual propulsion design ensures an unmatched aquatic exercise session, providing limitless opportunities for fitness and leisure.

TSX15  The 15' model is designed for space-conscious settings, packed with all the luxury features of our larger models.

TSX17  The 17' model offers the ideal length, width, and depth to meet the demands of athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

TSX19  The 19' model is our most spacious, ideal for serious athletes and family enjoyment, offering the longest swim lane for a versatile fitness and leisure experience.

TSX219  The 19' Dual Zone masterfully integrates a spacious 19' swim spa with a separate, luxury hot tub, offering the best of both worlds; unmatched fitness solutions and full-body hydrotherapy.

SummitTM Premium Jetted Swim Spas

The Summit™ Series from PDC Spas features a robust jetted swim current, perfect for swimming, jogging, or walking exercises. Equipped with three high-powered, adjustable Elite Pro™ jets, each model in this series provides tailor-made fitness routines and multi-user programs, allowing you to meet diverse fitness objectives right in the comfort of your own home.


SX15  The 15' model delivers the power and benefits of a larger unit, with powerful swim jets and hydrotherapy seats for both massage and relaxation.

SX15s  The 15S model combines the strength and amenities of a larger spa, featuring powerful swim jets, hydrotherapy seats, and the added convenience of horizontal steps for easy access.

SX17  The 17' model boasts adjustable speed Elite Pro™ jets for the ultimate fitness experience, allowing you to customize your workout sessions or unwind in the RX6™ stand-up hydrotherapy columns.

SX19  The 19' SX19 model, with its expansive 160” barrier-free fitness area, provides ample space for all your wellness activities, from swimming, running, and jogging to weightlifting, or simply enjoying a day of family fun in our largest swim spa.

SX219  A dual zone swim spa that features a 5-seat hot tub for massage therapy and a full 14’ swim spa, each with its own separate filtration, heating, therapy, and fitness controls for a versatile and personalized experience.

SX219s  The SX219s boasts a unique side-step design in the swim spa zone, optimizing a 118” fitness area, and includes five comfortable massage seats in the hot tub zone for a perfect blend of exercise and relaxation.

SynergyTM Jetted Swim Spas

The Synergy™ Series from PDC Spas is equipped with two high-powered Elite Pro™ jets, offering a range of activities for both family fun and fitness. Whether you want to walk, jog, run, swim, or simply unwind in the soothing warm waters, this series enhances your health and happiness.

FX15  The 15' model delivers the power and benefits of a larger unit, with powerful swim jets and hydrotherapy seats for both massage and relaxation.

FX15s  This space-efficient 15-foot swim spa, features a side entry step design that ensures a full 130” of open fitness space for an unobstructed workout experience.

FX17  The 17' model epitomizes fitness and comfort, equipped with 36 massage jets, two stand-up RX6™ hydrotherapy columns, and the robust power of Elite Pro™ jets.

FX19  The 19' model offers a barrier-free 160” fitness area, providing the optimal space to run, jog, swim, or simply float and unwind throughout the day.

FX219  The 19' Dual Zone model combines a deep, comfortable 5-seat hot tub with 65 massage jets and a fully-featured 14’ swim spa, offering the best in relaxation and fitness.

FX219s  This 19’ Dual Zone maximizes your fitness potential with its side-step design, providing a full 118” of fitness space, complemented by six powerful resistance jets and two RX6™ stand-up columns for comprehensive full body hydrotherapy.

VitalityTM Fitness Spas

The Vitality™ Series Fitness Spas by PDC Spas make it effortless to maintain fitness and wellness, satisfying both your health aspirations and budget. Benefit from the resistance offered by the high-powered Elite Pro™ jet for effective fitness therapy and indulge in massaging therapy jets for comprehensive body wellness that you truly deserve.

SL12s  The 12' model features a fitness jet for exercise and hydrotherapy jets for relaxation, blending fitness and comfort in a compact design.

SL15s  The 15S is a 15' model that is both economical and efficient, offering 6HP, a fitness jet and massage jets for comprehensive full-body therapy.

SL15  The 15' model is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals, soothe sore muscles, and enjoy quality family time, all in one versatile space.



Experience Quality and Innovation with PDC Spas®

67 years of excellence and award-winning products. Proudly crafted in USA.


For over 67 years, PDC Spas® has been an unwavering beacon of quality and innovation in the spa industry. Our American-made hot tubs, swim spas, and fitness spas, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, reflect our commitment to excellence. With an unmatched industry-leading warranty, we ensure your investment in relaxation and wellness is safeguarded for decades. Based in Pennsylvania, USA, our legacy as a trusted industry leader continues to evolve, as we constantly push the boundaries of spa technology and design to enhance your well-being. Experience the PDC difference and transform your home into a haven of relaxation, fitness, and ultimate wellness, because when it comes to spas, we set the standard for excellence.