woman in swim spa overlooking a lake with Mt. Hood and a pink sunset.

In the tranquil setting of Lake Tapps, WA, a satisfied customer shares their journey of transforming their outdoor space with a swim spa from PDC Spas. This narrative offers practical insights into their experience, from the initial steps to enjoying their swim spa year-round.

Starting the Process

Our journey into enhancing our backyard in Lake Tapps, Washington, started in 2019 with an idea to make our outdoor living space more enjoyable. By February 2020, we brought home a swim spa, and it quickly became central to our everyday activities. It's great for swimming, water therapy, and fun times with our grandchildren. At first, we were leaning towards getting an in-ground swimming pool. However, after getting some expert advice, we chose a swim spa. This decision has made a big difference in our outdoor enjoyment, and we're happy with how things turned out.

Making the Choice

In our quest to find the ideal swim spa, we embarked on an extensive research process. We visited local fairs to check out various brands and models, and we scoured online reviews and resources for more information. After comparing our options, we settled on PDC Spas, specifically the Synergy FX19 model. Its larger size appealed to us, offering a pool-like experience in a more compact form. We made our purchase through a local retailer of PDC Spas. Our tip for anyone considering a pool is simple: consider a swim spa instead. Its versatility for relaxation and fitness is unmatched, especially if you're limited by space and can't fit a lap pool. A swim spa really is the best of both worlds.

Outdoor Design and Installation

When it came to designing the space for our swim spa, we balanced functionality with the beauty of our surroundings. Living by a stunning lake made choosing the spot easy. We wanted easy access from our house but also to make the most of the lake views and the impressive sight of Mount Rainier. Our goal was to make the area around the swim spa feel like an extension of an in-ground pool, transforming it into a sort of tropical retreat.

The timing couldn't have been better, as we were already in the midst of updating our deck and landscaping. This allowed us to incorporate the swim spa into our plans without additional disruptions to our yard. For the installation, we used a boom truck to move the spa from the delivery truck to its spot by our home. The result was even better than we hoped, creating a backyard escape that's become a highlight for us and a talking point among our friends and neighbors.

Swim Spa Accessories

For our swim spa, choosing the right accessories was key to maximizing its use and enjoyment. We decided on a Covana cover, which has been incredibly practical for keeping our spa protected and secure. To enhance our exercise options, we added Aqua bars at the end near the jets, making our workouts more versatile.

We also prioritized comfort, safety, and convenience by installing Matrax inside the swim spa. This included covering the steps and the spa's bottom, providing not only extra traction but a soft, cushioned feel underfoot. Since our spa is installed in-ground, we didn't need to worry about adding extra steps, streamlining the look and accessibility of our setup.

Frequency of Use and Workout Routines

Our swim spa is a central part of our routine, being used 4 to 5 times a week for around an hour each time. We usually swim in the mornings, and the spa also becomes a popular spot for our grandchildren during their visits. Since installing the spa, we’ve seen our swimming skills improve significantly, moving from intermediate-plus levels to much more advanced.

While the Matrax surfaces have shown some wear over time, this has not diminished our enjoyment of the spa. For our swim sessions, we often use the pre-programmed workouts available through the spa's control panel, which adds convenience and variety to our exercise routine.

Advice to Future Owners

The interest in our swim spa was contagious; two of my co-workers were so taken by it that they purchased their own. A hurdle they encountered, which we did too, was managing the spa cover. It can be cumbersome for one person to handle. My tip is to invest a little more in a cover that's easy to use, enhancing your overall experience.

Another piece of advice: don’t limit your swim spa use to just the warm months. It’s designed to be enjoyed year-round, even when it's snowing outside. The swim spa is a fantastic, versatile feature for any home, offering benefits and enjoyment across all seasons.

Final Thoughts from PDC Spas

We hope this article has offered useful perspectives for anyone thinking about adding a swim spa to their home. Whether you're deliberating over the ideal accessories, figuring out how to design your outdoor area, or just looking for real-life swim spa stories, we aim to provide the information you need. For a deeper dive into what PDC Spas offers, including a look at our range of swim spas, customer reviews, and a catalogue of accessories, please visit our website at www.pdcspas.com. Your journey toward enhancing your outdoor living space starts with us, and we're excited to support you every step of the way.