The general population is now beginning to realize what swimmers and fitness enthusiasts have known for decades: swimming is one of the most effective, enjoyable and versatile ways to stay in shape and promote a more healthy, active lifestyle.  Aside from the obvious benefits of increased metabolism and fat burning, spending time in the water offers a wide spectrum of health benefits for people of every age and activity level.  Here are just a few of the reasons to take up swimming and aquatic exercise when trying to get fit, stay in shape or live healthier.

An Effective, Low-impact Workout

While swimming laps will clearly burn more calories, you don’t need to be training for an Olympic medal to reap the benefits of aquatic fitness.  Simple movements such as walking in the pool, knee raises and kicks, moving your arms… these may seem mundane, but each movement requires energy and is subject to the water's natural resistance.  This makes swimming a suitable low impact exercise that's perfect for seniors, as well as those with arthritis, limited mobility or recovering from an injury.

Increases Strength, Muscle Tone and Cardio Function

As we age it becomes all the most important to maintain healthy muscular function.  Moving through water requires the use of many muscle groups working in tandem; some of which are rarely used in our day-to-day lives.  By gently forcing them to counter the natural resistance water provides, muscles that may have gone dormant over the years are stimulated into action.  This not only helps the tissues grow and strengthen, it also allows proteins and enzymes to assist with injury recovery, metabolic function and other key biological duties.

Calms the Mind to Reduce Stress

Have you ever noticed how the body and mind are instantly calmed when starring at a lake or walking on a beach?  Our bodies are comprised of more than 70% water, making it understandable that we feel more at home when surrounded by it.  If spending time in a natural body of water is out of the question, swimming or engaging in pool exercises can be just as effective.  Numerous studies have showcased the link between swimming and stress reduction, and others suggest that simply being connected to water is an excellent way to provide peace, calm and clarity.

May Help Promote Healthy Lungs

If you're in good enough physical shape to swim at a steady to vigorous pace, you just might be improving the health and capacity of your lungs without realizing it.  Some of the most recent research has shown a connection between swimming and lung health.  This makes swimming a wonderful exercise for those who have quit smoking, as well as older individuals and those looking to increase circulatory health.

Learn More About the Benefits of Swimming at Home

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