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Energy Saving Hot Tub and Swim Spa Cover

Lock in Heat, Lock Out the Water. 7 Year Warranty

Exclusive to PDC Spas, this hot tub cover, AccuLok™, is unique with a heat-trapping design and water-resistant barrier keeping your cover lightweight and easy to use for years longer than the traditional cover design. The insulating foam is heat sealed with a proprietary material that virtually eliminates water vapor absorption. Watch our video for a full explanation of what PDC Spas can offer you other brands can not with this very unique AccuLok™ thermal cover. Backed with a 7 year warranty , AccuLok™ lasts longer, remains lightweight and traps heat like no other cover on the market.

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Proven Performance 

Our Revolutionary Heat Trapping Design Saves Energy. The exclusive AccuLok™ hot tub cover design traps escaping heat, minimizing heat loss and saving operating costs. A full 7" no-gap heat shield hem seamlessly surrounds the spa, with 4 locking tie down straps sewn on the outside of the hem holds it in place and tight to the spa cabinet. Traditional cover design has a loose hem design allowing heat to escape and outside air and wind to enter the hot tub increasing energy usage. An insulating pillow the full length of the folding hinge section further prevents heat escape. A thermal imaging camera was used by an independent testing center as shown here. Extensive heat loss is indicated by the bright orange spots. It is obvious the seamless heat shield and revolutionary hem design of the AccuLok™ cover as compared to the traditional design offers significant heat trapping features.

acculok hot tub cover heat trapping design comparison

Leading Technology, Exclusive at PDC Spas

This leading thermal cover, ASTM approved, is offered in the color black. The four locking straps assure your hot tub is safe and secure and protected from winds. If your climate demands more thermal protection, PDC Spas offers this unique AccuLok™ design in a thicker foam for those special customers and locations. Standard feature on all Luxury Series models. Optional for Premium and LifeStyle spa models. AccuLok Flyer

Hot Tub Cover Maintenance Information

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Features, Performance, Reliability.


Every spa is meticulously engineered to combine performance, energy efficiency and comfort features for a high quality, luxurious spa that will provide years of enjoyment and satisfaction. A leader in the spa industry, our innovative hot tub and swim spa designs include energy saving, patent pending performance and hydrotherapy technology that will enhance your spa experience and exceed your expectations for years to come.