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M. Baumann

The people who sell these spas really know their stuff! I'm excited to continue learning more!

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Design that Looks and Feels Good

PDC Spas is proud to offer new Luxury Series spa models redesigned with innovative features, a new curvature shell design and impressive looks beyond compare.

Hot Tub DesignWith five decades dedicated to building the best spa value, PDC Spas adds detail to design to make your spa experience truly enjoyable.  Our spas are incredibly comfortable as a result of countless hours our design department has spent testing angles and forms which best complement the body's slightly buoyant position when relaxing in warm swirling water.

Seats are slightly rounded to cradle your body, while contoured seat backs offer gentle lumbar support. Models feature armrests, some with fingertip jets, and the Captains Chair in the Bali and Fiji offers massaging jet action from the neck to the feet.

Choose a wide, open back design or one with armrests to position you securely in the lounge position. Lounges feature soft pillow headrests with a line-up of three adjustable neck jets. Most PDC Spa models with lounges also offer jets to soothe the calf muscles and tired, aching feet.


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Roll over the spa shell to learn more about our 
innovative contoured seating design

America's Best Hot Tubs and Spas

With a diverse line of hot tubs and swim spas of unparalleled quality, PDC Spas is dedicated to manufacturing advanced hydrotherapy products that change lives by improving health and reducing stress. Each model is meticulously engineered, utilizing patented comfort and performance technology, to provide a full ange of immediate and long-term health benefits. From our affordable SE Series hot tubs to our luxury LX Series hot tubs to the performance of our patent pending swim spas, PDC Spas products have been designed and built right here in the USA for over 58 years.