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Tim B

PDC Spas are the best spas I have ever seen. Their Spas are top-of-the-line fantastic sales, fantastic service. See them for yourself you definitely will be impressed.

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Style That Looks Good, Design That Fits

When you combine stylish lines that glisten and catch your eye in the showroom with the body-cradling fit that soothes your body for years of relaxation, you are experiencing the decades of experience PDC Spas employs when designing each and every model in their line-up. With you in mind, PDC combines the understanding of the body's slightly buoyant position when relaxing in warm swirling water and the body parts that most need the benefits of hydrotherapy massage at the end of the day. Choose from 16 unique hot tub designs and 10 swim spa models for the size, seating and jetting that best suits your personal style.

Contoured Seats - Seats are slightly rounded to cradle your body, while contoured seat backs offer gentle lumbar support. Several models feature armrests, some even with wrist jets relieving the effects of a long day at the office.

Reclining Seats - Our recliner seat in 4 models feature comforting jets from the neck, shoulders, back, hips, and calves, right down to the feet. All in a “no float” position for a true lay back and relax experience.

Lounges - Rest back on the soft pillow, stretch out on the lounge and let the warm swirling waters soothe away the tensions of the day. PDC Spas offers lounges in a full spectrum of shapes to best fit your body size and type. Each and every lounge offers neck to feet jet action healing and relaxing for a happier you.

Open Seats - Looking for open seating? At PDC Spas, we have several models that offer just that. This “barrier free” seating design is attractive to those who choose to experience the therapeutic effects offered in each position, by easily moving from seat to seat.

Room for Feet - When choosing your perfect hot tub, consider the foot area along with the seat count. At PDC Spas, we have taken the extra step to assure for each seat there is ample room for two feet.

America's Best Hot Tubs and Spas

PDC Spas offers a diverse line of hot tubs and swim spas with
unparalleled quality. We are dedicated to manufacturing advanced
hydrotherapy products that change lives by improving health and
reducing stress. Each hot tub and swim spa model is meticulously
engineered utilizing patented comfort and performance technology,
providing a full range of immediate and long-term health benefits.
Offering 16 hot tub models and 14 swim spa models we offer what
the customers are looking for. PDC Spas
products have been designed and built in
the USA for over 60 years making us the
most trusted name in the industry.