Anyone who lives with the symptoms of arthritis knows what a painful and challenging condition it can be.  For many it means having to compensate with stiffness upon waking or when going to bed, while others deal with mobility and dexterity issues from arthritis of the knees, shoulders, fingers and other limbs.  Regardless of how it may be affecting you, and as we'll discuss throughout this article, it's vital to remain active and flexible if you genuinely want to gain the upper hand on arthritis.

Hot Tub Weight Exercise

Some of the most effective aquatic exercises for arthritis include:

  • Swimming
  • Free Weights
  • Resistance Bands
  • Bow Swim
  • Treadmill

As many well-conducted studies have demonstrated, swimming and aquatic exercise offers many health and fitness benefits.  Let's review a few of the ways in which swimming and pool exercises can help reduce the severity and frequency of arthritic conditions.

Swim Spa

Improved Circulation

Many are deterred from aquatic fitness because they're under the impression that it is limited to swimming laps.  In fact, a wide range of low-impact pool exercises can be done to help improve circulation and blood flow; something which is undisputed in its ability to minimize and lessen arthritic pain.  As many know, joints deteriorate and become inflamed over time as a result of wear and tear.  Poor circulation, however, can also inhibit joints from receiving the key nutrients and fatty esters needed to remain strong and elastic over time.

Increased Flexibility & Strength

Movements such as deep stride walking, low-impact pool free weights and swimming with resistance bands are just a sampling of the aquatic exercises known to help improve flexibility, muscle tone and core strength.  From our own perspective and feedback, many PDC Spas customers have reported significant improvements in these areas, which in turn may help manage arthritis symptoms in the quest for a more comfortable day-to-day living.  Complementing you pool fitness routine with a sound, balanced diet is a smart way to expedite your progress.

Less Weight to Strain Joints

For those who suffer from arthritis of the knees, hips and ankles, being overweight over an extended period of time will almost certainly worsen the symptoms.  Our remarkable joint structures are capable of withstanding decades of impact, though it often comes at a price for those who take them for granted.  Cartilage found below the equator is only designed to support a certain amount of weight, and when neglected or forced to carry excess biological baggage, it breaks up.  Losing weight and achieving a more in-range BMI (body mass index) is crucial for anyone dealing with knee, ankle or foot pain.  And as so many have discovered, aquatic exercise is arguably one of the most effective low-impact means of reducing body fat and losing weight.

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