A dirty hot tub or swim spa cover can easily become an eyesore when it gets dirty. Cleaning the cover is easy and won’t take up much of your time. First hook up your hose, have a rag or a sponge ready, and get your cleaner. We recommend using cover cleaner or a bucket of hot water and dawn dish soap. An important thing to remember is to never use any type of abrasive brushes or cleaners; 409, bleach, armorall, etc. Hose off your hot tub cover, after the initial cleaning grab your rag or sponge and cleaner. Be sure to use your cleaner on all areas of the hot tub cover, get in all cracks and crevices. Once the cleaning product has been used on the cover hose the cover off removing any cleaner from the cover. After hosing off the cover you are done and your hot tub cover will look great again! We recommend cleaning your hot tub cover a minimum of twice a year.