When it comes to choosing a swim spa, the propulsion system can make all the difference in delivering a truly exceptional aquatic experience. At PDC Spas, we take pride in introducing the groundbreaking TruSwim® technology, featuring the ONLY propulsion system with dual hydraulic propellers mounted side-by-side. Let's dive into the unparalleled advantages of TruSwim® and explore why it stands out among other swim spa options on the market.

The TruSwim® Difference: Dual Hydraulic Propellers for Maximum Power and Precision

TruSwim® sets itself apart by utilizing dual hydraulic propellers, a design that optimizes the swim path for a full 29”. This wider swim path not only accommodates a variety of aquatic fitness routines but also ensures a smoother and more powerful resistance current. The dual propeller-driven water is propelled through a unique honeycomb grate, creating an even and consistent resistance path that enhances the overall swimming experience.

Comparing TruSwim® to Jetted Currents: Precision Meets Power

Unlike traditional jetted currents found in some swim spas, TruSwim® offers a superior alternative. Jetted currents often lack the precision and consistency needed for effective swim workouts. TruSwim®, on the other hand, delivers nearly 5,000 gallons per minute with adjustable resistance, catering to users of all ages and fitness levels. The dual hydraulic propellers provide a powerful, yet finely-tuned current, offering a swim experience that is both challenging and comfortable.

Versatility and Adaptability: TruSwim® for All Swim Routines

TruSwim® is not just about power; it's about versatility. Whether you're an avid swimmer training for competitions or someone seeking a low-impact aquatic workout, TruSwim® adapts to your needs. The adjustable resistance allows you to customize your swim routine, making it an ideal choice for users of varying fitness levels and preferences.

Quality You Can Trust: The PDC Spas Commitment

Choosing a swim spa is an investment in your well-being, and at PDC Spas, we prioritize delivering the highest quality products. TruSwim® is a testament to our commitment to innovation, durability, and customer satisfaction. The precision-engineered dual hydraulic propeller system reflects our dedication to providing an unmatched swim spa experience.

Elevate Your Aquatic Experience with TruSwim®

In the realm of swim spas, not all propulsion systems are created equal. TruSwim® stands out as a technological marvel, combining precision, power, and adaptability. Whether you're comparing options or seeking an upgrade to your current swim spa, choose TruSwim® for an aquatic experience that transcends expectations. Elevate your swim spa journey with PDC Spas.

Ready to experience the TruSwim® difference? Explore our swim spa collection and discover the power of dual hydraulic propellers for yourself. Your aquatic adventure begins here.