EverPure Ozone Maintenance 

 Ozone and ozone/UV-C systems are the white knights of water purification, fighting daily to destroy bacteria, viruses, mildew and other contaminants that may lurk in your spa water.  Ozone not only destroys these microorganisms and oils in the water, but it also reduces the amount of chemical sanitizer needed to keep your spa clean. That means you can use less chlorine/bromine, saving you money while keeping  your spa water clean and clear the natural way.  Learn more about the PDC Spas purification systems; EverPure™ and EverPure2 

While these systems provide a hands-free method to confidently sanitizing your swim spa or hot tub, they must be checked frequently to assure proper performance. It is suggested to routinely check your ozone for proper operation via the EverLite™  and / or EverLite2™  on your unit’s cabinet wall.

Checking Ozone and UV-C for Proper Function
During a filtration cycle*, simply glance at the EverLiteTM indicator on your spa corner cabinet or the EverLite2TM sight glass indicator on your front cabinet. If the indicator light is ON, your ozone is hard at work. If the light is OFF, or you notice your water is cloudy for apparently no reason, it is time to replace the ozone injector. Please note, ozone is released during the filtration cycle only. The EverLiteTM and EverLite2TM indicators will only light up during a filtration cycle, at all other times, it will remain dark. 

Replacing Ozone

In general, an ozone injector will last about 2 years. Owners will either notice cloudy water or an unlit indicator light. Have the replacement completed as soon as possible to assure your water is crystal clean and pure. Contact your retailer or the PDC Spas factory for assistance.