Customer Reviews

Beth A.

What a nice surprise to come home to! Thank you not only for a timely reimbursement but that extra touch of the lovely PDC plush towels just put such a smile on my face. You all continue to not only meet, but exceed my customer service expectations. I continually train my new sales reps to "surprise & delight" our referral sources & patients. I loved experiencing this on the receiving end!

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Brilliant, Glowing Hot Tub Lighting

Lights are the ambience of relaxation, so set the mood with our unique lighting systems. Each of our hot tub lighting systems enhances your spa atmosphere, illuminating your backyard oasis. Simple convenient fingertip control from your digital control center for a totally encompassing evening of relaxation and comfort.

MotionGlow™ Lighting

Set the warm swirling water aglow with soft color from an underwatered LED light. Choose a slow rotating prism of tones or your favorite color that best matches your nighttime relaxation mood. Standard on all LifeStyle series hot tubs.

Prism Lighting™

Underwater LED lighting with MotionGlow Lighting and six pin lights plus two lit cascading water spouts. Standard on all Premium series hot tubs.

Halo Lighting™

All Luxury Series hot tub models warm your nighttime relaxation with LED underwater pin lights and three lighted cascading waterspouts for a tranquil sound and soothing ambiance. Standard on all Luxury series hot tubs.

Allure2™ Lighting

The optimum in hot tub lighting, this optional Luxury Series feature adds LED lit cup holders, air controls, and UltraMassage controls setting the topside aglow with warm color. Four brilliant LED corner sconces wrap your Luxury spa model in warm light completing your evening relaxation experience. Option on all Luxury series hot tubs.

America's Best Hot Tubs and Spas

PDC Spas offers a diverse line of hot tubs and swim spas with
unparalleled quality. We are dedicated to manufacturing advanced
hydrotherapy products that change lives by improving health and
reducing stress. Each hot tub and swim spa model is meticulously
engineered utilizing patented comfort and performance technology,
providing a full range of immediate and long-term health benefits.
Offering 16 hot tub models and 14 swim spa models we offer what
the customers are looking for. PDC Spas
products have been designed and built in
the USA for over 60 years making us the
most trusted name in the industry.