pdc spas hot tub with lights and cascading water spouts

Hot Tub Lighting to Set the Mood

Lights are the ambience of relaxation, so set the mood with our unique lighting systems. Each of our hot tub lighting systems enhances your spa atmosphere, illuminating your backyard oasis. Simple convenient fingertip control from your digital control center for a totally encompassing evening of relaxation and comfort.

MotionGlow™ Lighting

Set the warm swirling water aglow with soft color from an underwater LED light. Choose a slow rotating prism of tones or your favorite color that best matches your nighttime relaxation mood. Standard on all LifeStyle™ series hot tubs.

Woman getting in pdc spas hot tub

Spectrum™ Lighting

For the ultimate in hot tub lighting, the newly released Spectrum™ LED lighting feature offers up to a full 91 points of light to warm your evening and enhance that much needed relaxation. Selected seats, recliners and lounges are aglow with lit hydrotherapy jets from neck to toes. Underwater pin lights and MotionGlow ™ lighting bring a comforting ambiance to the swirling waters. Four brilliant corner cabinet sconces offer warm lighting for safety and beauty, while lit UltraMassage™ Selectors and air controls offer convenience and ease of operation after the sun goes down. The Spectrum™ Lighting package includes the Allure2 Lighting features and much more! Wrap yourself in the glow of luxury with this new option available on the Luxury Series models only. Watch Video.

cascading water spouts and LED hot tub lighting pdc spas

Allure2™ Lighting

The optimum in hot tub lighting, this optional Luxury Series feature adds LED lit cup holders, air controls, and UltraMassage™controls setting the topside aglow with warm color. Four brilliant LED corner sconces wrap your Luxury spa model in warm light completing your evening relaxation experience. Optional on all Luxury series hot tubs models.

luxury hot tub lighting pdc spas

Prism™ Lighting

Underwater LED lighting with MotionGlow™ Lighting and six pin lights plus two lit cascading water spouts. Standard on all Premium series hot tub models.

hot tub with water bubbling and blue hot tub lights

Halo™ Lighting

All Luxury Series hot tub models warm your nighttime relaxation with LED underwater pin lights and three lit cascading waterspouts for a tranquil sound and soothing ambiance. Standard on all Luxury series hot tubs.

hot tub with jets on and purple hot tub lights

Discover Pure Relaxation with PDC Spas® Hot Tubs 

Immerse yourself in luxury and hydrotherapy bliss.


At PDC Spas®, our hot tubs are designed to be your sanctuary of tranquility and well-being, offering a choice of 16 distinctive models, each delivering full-body hydrotherapy. Crafted with precision in the USA, our hot tubs alleviate stress, ease muscle tension, and promote overall wellness, making them perfect for year-round use. With an industry-leading warranty, your investment in relaxation is protected for decades to come. Elevate your lifestyle and transform your home into a haven of luxury and hydrotherapy bliss with a PDC hot tub.