The winter season often deters many from using their hot tubs, but it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, hot tubs can be a perfect oasis of warmth and relaxation in the colder months. To ensure you can enjoy your hot tub all winter long, we've put together a comprehensive guide that covers everything from maintenance to safety measures. Read on to discover how to make the most of your hot tub during the winter season.

Keep the Cover On and Secured

Your hot tub is designed to maintain its temperature, even in winter, especially if it has a winter mode with temperature sensors. However, it's crucial to keep your hot tub's cover on when it's not in use. The cover serves as insulation, helping to prevent heat loss during power cuts or other issues. This is essential because avoiding freezing is vital, as frozen water can cause pipes to crack.

Change Your Hot Tub’s Water Before Temperatures Drop

Before the full force of winter sets in, consider emptying your hot tub and refilling it with fresh water. While there's no safety reason for this, changing your hot tub's water can be an arduous task in the cold. Moreover, by changing the water and cleaning your hot tub, you can ensure that it's in top operating condition for winter use.

Avoid Using Your Hot Tub’s Blower (air jets)

Hot tub air jets are a fantastic feature for most of the year, but they may not be suitable for winter use. These jets introduce cold air into the water, which can lower the overall temperature of the hot tub. To keep the water warm and enjoyable, consider turning off the air jets on cold winter days.

Clear the Snow and Ice Off Your Hot Tub

If snow accumulates on your hot tub's cover, use a soft brush to remove it. Avoid using brushes with hard bristles, as they can damage the cover. Never use a shovel on the cover, as it's likely to cause more harm than good. Too much snow on the cover could lead to tearing.

It's also important to clear snow and ice from around your hot tub. This not only ensures you have a safe path to and from your tub but also prevents snow and ice from cooling the water.

Take Extra Care of Hot Tub Water

Maintaining hot tub hygiene is crucial during the winter. Dirty water can lead to the growth of bacteria and algae, creating an unpleasant environment for bathers. Since changing the water is less practical in winter, it's essential to stay on top of hot tub maintenance. Check pH levels, add sanitizer and shock as needed, and change filters regularly.

Stay Hydrated

While a hot tub can be a wonderful place to spend a cold winter night, remember that staying hydrated is even more important than usual during winter. In colder months, it's easier to overlook dehydration since you don't sweat as much. Jumping into a hot tub when you're already dehydrated can further dehydrate you. To avoid this, make sure to drink plenty of water before and after using your hot tub and avoid alcohol.

Clear the Path to Your Hot Tub

Ensure that the path to and from your hot tub is clear of snow and ice. Exiting the hot tub in winter can be quite a shock, so planning your exit can help you transition from the warmth of the tub to the warmth of your house safely and comfortably.

What to Do If You’re Not Going to Use Your Tub in Winter

If you decide not to use your hot tub during the winter, take these steps to ensure it's properly prepared for the season:

  • Drain the hot tub and use a wet/dry vacuum to remove any remaining water from the jets and drain.
  • Loosen the unions on your pumps and drain them.
  • Clean your hot tub thoroughly.
  • Cover the tub to prevent debris from accumulating.

For these steps, consider consulting your hot tub retailer or inquire about a winter shutdown service to ensure the job is done right.


Winter hot tub use can be a delightful and relaxing experience if you take the necessary precautions and follow these guidelines. With proper maintenance, safety measures, and a focus on enjoying your hot tub in a winter wonderland, you can make the most of your hot tub throughout the colder months. So, don't let winter keep you away from your hot tub; embrace the chill and indulge in warm relaxation.


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