Vitality™ Series Fitness Spas

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Newly released fitness series spas in three distinct models offer all the benefits of aquatic exercise for those with their waistline and wallet in mind. Elite Pro™ Jet offers adjustable resistance to walk, jog, run, lift weights and experience the benefits of our AquaForce™ pulley trainer. Or choose to simply relax in the warm swirling waters with family and friends, enjoying your backyard year-round.

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pdc spas vitality fitness spa sl12s shell


144” x 92” x 56”

Safe side entry step assures maximum use of the 94” fitness space in a compact 12’ length. Dual RX6™ massage columns and 18 hydrotherapy jets complete this popular fitness spa.


pdc spas sl15s vitality series fitness spa shell


180” x 92” x 56”

The SL15s measures a full 15’ long with a spacious 130” for aquatic fitness routines. Elite Pro™ Jets offer ample resistance for health and wellness only a quality fitness spa can deliver.


pdc spas sl15 vitality fitness spa shell


180” x 92” x 56”

Adjustable, powerful water resistance makes aquatic fitness goals not only attainable, but also simple and pleasurable in this 15’ fitness spa model. The roomy fitness lane and curved massage seats soothe from head to toes for total body wellness.


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Discover the pinnacle of aquatic wellness with PDC Spas® award-winning swim spas, voted Swim Spa of the Year. With an impressive selection of 19 models, each proudly made in the USA, our swim spas offer year-round enjoyment and fitness for all ages and skill levels. Backed by an industry-leading warranty, you can trust in the quality and longevity of our products. Whether you're seeking to improve your fitness or simply have fun, our swim spas provide the perfect solution to elevate your well-being. Experience the difference of PDC swim spas and make your home the center of aquatic fitness and relaxation.