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We have truly enjoyed our home more since we added a hot tub. Winter, summer, day or night, a warm soak is what we look forward to after a long day. We turn off the TV, and tune into enjoying ourselves. After 12 years, hands down, our hot tub has been one of our best investments ever! Bali owner

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Reliable Filtration Design for Crystal Clean Water

PowerFlo™ Filtration, Pressure Side System

Reliable and virtually self-maintaining, PowerFlo™ filtration most effectively utilizes power from the jet pump to clean and sanitize every drop of your spa water.

While others pull dirty water over open, visible filters on the pump suction side, through the pump and back into your spa, the PDC PowerFlo™ design positions the filter on the push side of the pump to efficiently maximize pump power for cleaner water.

Used water and surface debris is captured through waterline and bottom safety suctions and sent to the pump, where the power of the jet pump forcefully pushes the dirty water through a deep pleated filter cartridge, capturing all dirt and contaminants. The filter is concealed within the spa shell, hidden from view so all you see is polished crystal clean water returned to your swim spa or hot tub; no muss, no fuss. Standard on Luxury, Premium Series and TruSwim® swim spas.

Pristine™ Filtration, Suction Side System

The Pristine™ filtration system uses the suction-side of the jet pump to pull water through the filter for a deep cleaning. The deep pleats in the filter cartridge capture debris, dirt and contaminants, returning water polished and clean for your enjoyment. Reliable and virtually self maintaining, Pristine™ filtration effectively and efficiently assures water is clean and sanitized for relaxation anytime you choose. Standard on LifeStyle Series, Vitality and Synergy swim spas.

Naturally Clean, Naturally Carefree!

EverPure™ and Ozone Purification

The PDC EverPure™ ozone system produces pure ozone, nature’s powerful oxidizer continuously destroying organic and inorganic contaminants instantly. The EverPure™ system is cleansing your hot tub water whenever the pump is filtering, is completely silent and costs pennies a day to operate! Your hot tub water is scrubbed clean by the filtration system, combined with EverPure™ ozone and returned pure, clean and crystal clear through the ozone jets. Standard on all hot tub models.

EverPure2™, Ozone and UV-C Advanced System

As spa water passes through the filtration system, it is treat with our exclusive purification system; EverPure2™. This powerful combination of ozone and UV-C is proven to deliver more sanitizing power for a better quality water. The PDC Spas EverPure2™ system utilizes a C rated lamp featuring a germicide wave length specifically for hot tubs and swim spas. Owners can expect a full 10,000 hours of performance. This powerful advanced oxidation process using ozone and UV is proven effective and widely used in the purification of drinking water and sterilization in health care environments. The EverPure™ has more sanitizing power, better reliability and less hassle than bromine generating salt based systems and far less costly. Standard on all swim spa models and optional on Luxury Series models.

EverLite and EverLite2™ for Convenience and Confidence

We go one step further than other brands with our exclusive EverLite™ and Everlite2™ ozone indicator lights. No more guessing if your purification system is hard at work, only a quick glance and rest assured your water is clean, pure and ready for that much deserved relaxation. EverlIte™ on the cabinet corner and Everlite2™ sight glass on cabinet sidewall.

America's Best Hot Tubs and Spas

PDC Spas offers a diverse line of hot tubs and swim spas with
unparalleled quality. We are dedicated to manufacturing advanced
hydrotherapy products that change lives by improving health and
reducing stress. Each hot tub and swim spa model is meticulously
engineered utilizing patented comfort and performance technology,
providing a full range of immediate and long-term health benefits.
Offering 16 hot tub models and 14 swim spa models we offer what
the customers are looking for. PDC Spas
products have been designed and built in
the USA for over 60 years making us the
most trusted name in the industry.