Manufacturing During a Pandemic: Production, Supplies and Support

Published November 23, 2020

In March 2020, the shockwaves of COVID rattled all corners of the globe and affected nearly every aspect of our personal and professional lives as we knew them. Lockdowns, masks and fear became a daily ritual, forcing us to focus on home comforts and family quality time. The home and backyard became the restaurant we could not go to, the workout without the gym membership, movie time without the theatre and, for many, long overdue family together time. Time at home means we can finish projects that were on hold. A backyard with the hot tub and swim spa we dreamed of and now need more than ever, delivering relaxation, full body wellness, a better nights sleep and generally a healthier lifestyle. Thousands, hundreds of thousands, consumers wanted a hot tub or swim spa and this is when the industry exploded! Orders came pouring in, overwhelming manufacturing facilities, placing unprecedented demands on supply chains, requiring additional workforce from  a population dealing with the virus, and initializing factory operation post lockdown. Normal PDC Spas lead times of two weeks grew by the day as orders exceeded manufacturing capabilities. This has continued for the past nine months and there is no indication it is or will slow down. 

As of the date of this article, production lead times are approaching the 52 week mark. This is an estimate only. Competing brands are at least this long if not longer with few taking no new orders until further notice. Others will not ship new orders before mid-2022.

So what do I do now? You place your order sooner than later, get into the production queue and be patient. The longer you wait to order, the longer you wait to enjoy your new hot tub or swim spa. Find your local retailer on this site or call the factory for assistance.

If I have a hot tub or swim spa on order, how do I get an update on delivery? If you ordered through a retailer, contact the retailer. While we are more than happy to assist all of our customers at the factory, we may not have customer names on our retailer orders. The factory is in constant contact with our retailers sharing production updates and current lead time estimates. If you ordered directly through PDC Spas please call us at 800-451-1420 for updates, we try to keep all customers updated as much as possible. 

Please exercise patience and know we are working full time and over-time here at PDC Spas to deliver your hot tub or swim spa, it will be worth the wait!