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Swim Spas

Take the comforts of swimming at home to entirely new levels with a personal swim spa.  The PDC Spas FX Series swim spas unite the luxurious relaxation of a hot tub, with the added health benefits of year-round aquatic fitness.  All four models in the FX Series offer comfortable, body-sculpted seating, as well as powerful hydrotherapy water jets and temperature selection.

The spacious fitness zone features an advanced, fully adjustable resistance current for an effective aquatic workout.  Experience the immediate and ongoing benefits of improved well-being, on-demand relaxation and increased family bonding, all in the privacy of your own home or backyard.

FX Series Swim Spas

The Easiest Way to Exercise at Home

All FX Series swim spas are delivered ready for install, making the installation possibilities endless. Requiring only a level solid surface, your new swim spa can be installed in your backyard, on a deck or patio, or even indoors.  In fact, many owners are able to enjoy their PDC swim spa on the day it is delivered.

  • No need for connection to household plumbing.  PDC swim spas are complete with their own heating and filtration systems, requiring only an initial fill with a garden hose.
  • The FX Series swim spas utilize EverPure™ water purification.  This highly-effective UV & ozone water purification system eliminates the chlorine smell common to public pools.
  • Each model is designed for simple installation and easy relocation.  Delivered as a one-piece unit with cabinetry sides intact, your FX Series swim spa requires no additional assembly on site, and is easily transported in the event of a move.
  • Innovative TemperLok™ insulation provides economical operation and year-round use. Every model is designed to provide flawless enjoyment regardless of season, even in the coldest of temperatures.
  • Extra wide and deep fitness channel offers ample space for family fun.  Enjoy a summer afternoon splashing in the water without the maintenance of a swimming pool, and the added benefit of a relaxing soak in the massaging spa seats.
  • All PDC Spas swim spa models feature a locking safety cover for security and thermal retention.

The FX Series swim spa is the perfect family center where relaxing, playing and much needed together time meet.  A PDC Spa swim spa offers plenty of space to enjoy fun in the water, cool down on a hot day, or leisurely soak up some sun; all without the headaches and ongoing expenses of owning a traditional swimming pool.

Built with Quality in the USA

The FX14 designed for the space and budget conscious, the FX15 offering a 10'10" exercise space, and the FX17 with nearly 13' of open fitness area. All these models feature 16HP of water action, 6 Synergy fitness jets and 38 hydrotherapy jets. The FX219 dual zone is unlike any other featuring a nearly 14' fitness zone and 5' relaxation zone, each separate in controls, heating, and filtration. You choose to exercise in the swim zone or rejuvenate in the hot tub, or do both!

Designed, developed and built by American craftsmen in the heart of Pennsylvania, each PDC swim spa is constructed from the finest raw materials and painstaking manufacturing processes. Cast acrylic sheet from Lucite® begins the production, by forming durable outer layers of each ergonomically-designed model.  Units are then reinforced with multiple layers of hand-rolled fiberglass and non-filled resins, for a hot tub spa that's strong and resistant to the elements.

Each FX Series swim spa is backed with a 35 year structural warranty and a 15 year finish warranty, guaranteed by a family-owned company that has been manufacturing superior hot tubs for nearly 60 years.

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