Trying to decide on whether a swim spa is right for you? Have you decided to “take the plunge” and just need to be sure to have your area properly set up and ready for delivery? Swim spa installation is fairly easy but you must remember to consider a few things before you are ready to install.

It is very important to ensure easy access to the location where the swim spa will be installed. The swim spa will arrive at your location it should then be moved into position by a crane or, if possible, a fork lift. Make sure the area is clear of any obstacles such as wires, bushes, trees, overhangs, etc. 

A flat, solid foundation is a must! A concrete pad works the best for optimum structure support and strength. The concrete should be slightly larger than the swim spa in length and width. Remember that the concrete pad also needs to be large enough to fit the swim spa steps. When installing in-ground a cavity will need to be dug to lower your swim spa in to. The size of the cavity should be 1 foot larger in both the length and the width. Concrete should then be poured on to the bottom to support the swim spa. Exterior walls should also have some sort of support, shotcrete or framing, ensuring the full weight of the walls are not applied to the swim spa structure. Place the swim spa, wire it up, and then backfill the dirt. An important aspect of installing any swim spa is to make sure that the area is level, if it is not level your swim spa will not work as well as it is capable of. 

Hire a certified electrician to hook up the wiring that will provide power to your swim spa. Most swim spas require between a 20amp and 90amp waterproof power supply cable, check with your manufacturer for exact requirements. A quick GFCI disconnect that is within line of site, approximately 5’-15’ away from the swim spa unit, should also be installed by the electrician.

3 Things to Remember:

Access: make sure there is an obstacle free location for easy access.

Flat Foundation: a solid flat foundation is key for both above ground or below ground installation.

Electrical: a certified electrician will need to hook up the wiring for your swim spa unit.